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Why Choose Us

Born This Way

Music has always stirred me, and I’ve always been thrilled to hear how better fidelity gear gives me more of those moments where I’m thoroughly musically engaged. A good listening session can be incredibly satisfying, and I have them often. 

For years I’ve studied the magazines, tried out gear, and endlessly tweaked my setups in pursuit of musical bliss. So much time has been spent, and still is, considering how a given amount of money can be turned into the maximum sonic improvement.

In 1997, I was lucky enough to turn this life-long passion into a career. So, if you like, you can benefit from what I’ve learned.

You may not be someone who puts all of your budget into audio quality, aesthetics be damned. Few do. Indeed, the residential custom audio video world–my business–exists to serve aesthetics. I embrace it. I enjoy the challenge.

You need to be happy with how a system looks–or glad that it can’t be seen at all–how it operates, and how it sounds. That’s my goal, that’s my business. But, if you let me, you will get the best audio quality within whatever parameters you have, whether you appreciate it or not!

What about picture quality? High-definition TV–coming around 1999–got me hooked on pursuing great quality TV, movie, and sports video in the home. I understand what’s good in this arena and, as with audio, take personal pleasure in chasing higher and higher fidelity. (Come see 4k on a 106″ screen–by appointment–looking better than most every flat panel TV.) While video offers no where near the realism audio can, it still poses both really bad and really good choices to navigate. Lots of folks retiring their plasma TVs for new, non-plasma, technologies have learned this the hard way. 

What This All Means For You

The best quality equipment within your parameters.  Add a professional, clean installation, and make it simple enough for everyone to use and, well, that’s really the whole story, isn’t it?  (We do have an “A” rating on Angie’s list, too.)

And, that story has less to do with equipment specs and everything to do with who you select for the project. 

What To Expect

Thoughtful and caring service, from someone who is listening, whether you’re purchasing one component or an entire house full of audio, TV, and furniture.

One dedicated contact responsible for all phases of your job:  consultation, design, installation, tutorial, and support.

No jobs are “cookie cutter.” We reconsider equipment options with every new project. The best choices are the ones that meet all your needs: fidelity, size, color, ease-of-use, compatibility, etc..  

You want your system to be easy-to-use.  We can reduce most actions to one button press.  You won’t have to aim your remote and your equipment can be out of sight. Watch TV, watch Netflix, listen to Sonos  – press just one button for each of these activities.

We prevent cost overruns and delays by proactively coordinating with other trades (e.g. cabinetmakers, architects, builders, interior designers, landscapers), starting from the drawings, on to the construction, and through to the installation.

We set appointments for specific times, not 2 hour blocks.

We respect your property and its cleanliness.

We give our customers help with their systems long after the sale.

Our goal is to leave our customers feeling that they got more in value than they paid in dollars. We look for ways to do that.