MQA Demo

MQA hardware is available here at DH Audio and Home Theater. Call to arrange an audition. We’re most impressed!

MQA sounds really really good!! I’ve been enjoying some 44 MQA encoded songs that NAD kindly sent me to enable me to provide demonstrations. Before these tracks I had only the MQA content one can grab online for free–I think it’s about 15 songs–and while those sound excellent I couldn’t wrap my around how much MQA was bringing to the party. I think it’s because the music just doesn’t do it for me. Whereas, the selection NAD offered contains tracks I know well and others I don’t know at all but which I really enjoy. Some artists include Sinatra, Bjork, Dylan, Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, Dire Straits, Ella Fizgerald, Steely Dan, Dave Brubek, Miles Davis, and Roberta Flack. I find that nearly all of these tracks are a wonderful introduction to the great sound MQA provides. This is a greater step towards realism than SACD or DVDA ever was.
– Dennis Hartwick


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