The easiest way to get the right TV and music system installation is to speak with a qualified system designer well before you buy anything. Most people don’t realize the planning that should go into setting up a TV or music system. Even a system as simple as a TV on the wall with a cable box can be installed cheaper, perform better, and look neater with the proper planning.  About four hours of planning and prep work–free of charge–went into this:

Shelf for Cable Box
Wires run behind wall and concealed underneath open shelf provide for a clean look in this guest bedroom.

Without proper planning, coaxial cables, data cables, speaker cables, and line-level cables are often run to the wrong place or left out entirely. A home cannot be pre-wired correctly, and at minimum cost, without the homeowner’s anticipated needs being taken into account. If construction is already going on in the home, it’s advantageous to have that conversation with an a/v designer at least one month before the work is finished.  BUT, IDEALLY, THE A/V PLANS SHOULD BE FINALIZE BEFORE ANY CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS;  framing, cement pouring, and electrical plans can all be affected by audio, video, and networking plans.

The TV in the photo below is recessed in the wall.  If you like that look you’d better frame your wall accordingly.

Recessed TV, Surface Mounted Speaker
With a recessed TV an external speaker may be required.

Similarly, if you like the idea of recessed speakers in your walls (see below) or ceilings you probably also want them placed where they look balanced or symmetrical.  Do you know what the odds are that the studs in your walls and ceiling will allow for this?  They’re not good odds.  This homeowner’s remodeler worked with us to be sure these speakers could be placed symmetrically relative to the TV.  Think about that for a minute.  That means we needed to consider where the TV would go.  That means we needed to consider where the TV would be viewed from.  The framing wasn’t even finished yet so it was the perfect time to consider these things!


Decor friendly, high performance 5.1 Surround Sound
Sonos, DirecTV, Sony Bluray, NAD AV Receiver, KEF CI200QL In-Wall Speakers, URC Automation, Samsung 4k TV, 5.1 Surround Sound. Gear is located in rear wall.  Gallery.

Integrating audio, video, and networking often involves lots of planning like this.  So, do it before drawings are finalized whenever possible.

The homeowner who wants things looking neat and tidy, who might have some background music playing when company is over, who wants to be able to plop down on the couch and watch TV at night without needing an engineering degree: this is the one for whom planning is critical.  Thinking that your needs are simple, and so not planning properly, will hurt you nearly every time.


If you know you’re going to be setting up a system, it’s likely not too soon to give us a call.  You just might save yourself some money, time, and aggravation.   (973) 428-9800 or contact us here.