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Testimonials & Thank You Notes

We renovated a brownstone in New York City.  An important part of the work was installation of a sound system on the main floor, in the 2nd floor family room and in the backyard.  In conjunction with this work, we set up a home theater connected to Direct TV, ran Ethernet wires to most rooms to connect to the internet and set up a strong and stable Wifi.  Also we installed Sonos boxes to access music from the internet and my computer.

We hired Dennis (the proprietor of DH Audio and Home Theater who did most of the work, but utilized experienced technicians) because he demonstrated very good technical knowledge when interviewed, provided excellent recommendations and gave a competitive price.  Dennis planned out the job in written, specific detail (unusual for contractors) and worked with us to see what services we would like and the associated costs.

Our job was challenging because we planned for a one year renovation, but it turned out to be 2 1/2 years. This extended period required more effort to manage and added complexity to the job.

Dennis started with wiring the house while the walls were exposed.  Then he had to wait until we had electricity provided in an equipment closet to install the audio / visual equipment. He had to coordinate with the electrician, general contractor and carpenter on a regular basis. For example, installing speakers in ceilings and soffits sometimes was tricky because of space limitations.  During times he was waiting for other work to be completed, we sometimes had inadvertent damage to his equipment and wires, which he had to diagnose the problem and fix.

After many months, he started programming the equipment using computer utilities.  I believe this work took about 2 weeks (but not full time) to do. Then he had to work out glitches which I discovered by using it initially.  After that, he provided phone support when I had something that I could not operate completely.

To boost the WiFi signal, he added wireless access point devices on each floor.  This are very useful in providing stable wireless internet, but are finicky and are placed by trial and error to provide optimal functionality.  Because of ongoing construction, we had an unexpected drop off of service, which Dennis analyzed and reestablished the strong signal throughout the house.

At the end, we ran speaker and volume control wire in PVC pipes outside and set up speakers.  We used one set of speakers he recommended which are also plant boxes, so they are not obvious.

As you may infer from this description, this work needed someone who was technically competent, flexible in change of design from the client, would operate in a construction environment, and committed to completing the work no matter what the obstacles are.  Dennis was terrific in all of these areas. He is fair and honest, which is an important consideration when selecting someone. (Of note, with Dennis, as with all contractors, the client must pay close attention to change orders and be sure they understand the scope and cost of the work.)  He also was able to purchase equipment at the market rate, which saves the client time in shopping.

I heartily recommend Dennis for installing a sound system, home theater, Sonos, and WiFi.

Ed H.

Hi Dennis,

We want to thank you too!  Michael and I are both very happy that we had you work on this project for us.  You and Rick did a wonderful and thorough job.  It was a total pleasure for us as well.  We look forward to hiring you again for future fun projects somewhere on the horizon!

Take care until we speak again,

Thank you for making our lives more enjoyable with wonderful sights and sounds. Your recommendations for equipment made the process enjoyable, efficient and worry-free.

All the Best, The Zackers

Thanks once again for doing such a wonderful job on the TV installation and recommendation of the Panasonic Plasma. I LOVE IT! I couldn’t turn it off all weekend. It made painting much more enjoyable.

Cathy Mazur

Dennis is a detailed oriented person who works very well with our design team to understand the project(s) needs and arrives at options for the clients helping them to determine what works best for them and their budgets. Three installations were completed without problems and happy clients. I absolutely recommend Dennis for his detailed knowledge, performance, integrity and effective communication with our team and clients.

Karla Trincanello
Interior Designer
Interior Decisions, Inc.

The best thing about working with Dennis is his obvious love for the job. Being a serious audiophile, he takes the same joy in designing, purchasing and installing your system as he would his own. Furthermore, he’s much more interested in getting you the best possible quality for your budget than making an extra buck for himself. There’s no other person I’d turn to when making any audio or video purchase and I don’t buy without talking to him first.

Dennis McKinley

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the way you handled my project of completely upgrading my audio/video system. You have a unique way of taking a seemingly hopeless and complex set of issues and patiently making it clear to a lay person (even though I have a Master’s in Electrical Engineering).

Larry Reznik