Often, the sensible solution for house audio is to go wireless.

Wires feeding each room cost money to install and are prone to obsolescence.  While wired systems can still offer a performance advantage over wireless–that’s why they’re sometimes the right approach–that advantage is often far outweighed by the negatives.

DH Audio and Home Theater offers whole home wireless music systems.  We also sell speakers and single room stereos that work wirelessly.   These wireless solutions are capable of receiving music from your mobile devices and your computers–think Bluetooth and Airplay–as well as from traditional sources such as turntables and CD players.  The audio quality can go from entry-level to jaw dropping. Contact us to see which is right for you – (973) 428-9800.



KEF Muo – standalone wireless speaker: Smart versatility & convenience

KEF MUO – $350. Other colors available.


Synchronize a pair of MUO speakers for superb CD-like quality stereo reproduction or select ‘dual-connect’ party mode for large gatherings, so that everybody experiences the same superlative full-range response. Smarter still, MUO automatically optimises its output to suit upright or horizontal positioning, so you always enjoy the same remarkable acoustic depth and definition.

With most Android mobile devices, you can also benefit from the NFC ‘tap-to-pair’ function – just hold the device against MUO and they’re paired ready to stream your music in seconds. When not streaming your music wirelessly, connecting to any computer or mobile device via the 3.5mm Aux input is equally simple. MUO has a rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of play time, and switches itself off automatically when not in use to prolong battery life.





NAD D 7050 – An outstanding wireless music solution–for those not interested in a multi-room approach–with Spotify Connect, AirPlay and aptX Bluetooth.

NAD D 7050


The D 7050 with Apple AirPlay is one simple package. If you have a computer or smartphone running iTunes and a home Wi-Fi network, just add the D 7050 and your favorite loudspeakers. You’ll now have a state-of-the-art audio system in a stylish and compact package that fits anywhere in your home. The D 7050 also supports Bluetooth aptX for hi fidelity point-to-point streaming without a network. A premium headphone amplifier output with a high quality volume control is also included for your personal listening. The D 7050 can also get you hooked up to your music via a wired connection from your computer or from a networked hard drive. It can even recharge a docked iPad while streaming.











Bluesound Pulse Flex – the entry level to the best sounding fully scalable music system (i.e. Bluesound) out there.  All your music, in every corner of your home.

Pulse Flex – $299. Also available in black.



The PULSE FLEX is a game-changing, two-way speaker that delivers the best of performance and portability. Mount a pair in the corners of a large room, or even take one with you on a picnic. Either way, the PULSE FLEX will still deliver a full stereo sound field.

    • Connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network and listen to all your favourite music, wirelessly anywhere in the home.
    • Stream any music service or library directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop in CD-quality with aptX®Bluetooth
    • Use the BluOS app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop to control music in any and every room.
    • Group a PULSE FLEX with other Bluesound Players in the home and create room-to-room music that plays in perfect sync.
    • Attach the rechargeable BP100 Battery Pack and take your music whenever and wherever you go.

*Add-on battery pack and wall mount bracket sold separately. Coming soon








Bluesound Wireless Speakers and Wireless Amplifiers.

Bluesound is set up for demonstration at DH Audio and Home Theater. (973) 428-9800


Rear row shows the speakers. Left to right they are the Pulse 2 ($799), Pulse Mini ($499), Pulse Flex ($299). Left to right in front: , Powernode 2 (wireless music player for connection to wired speakers, $799), Vault 2 (2TB music storage and player), Node 2 music player (for connection to a sound system or to a Bluesound wireless speaker, $499)














Bluesound Pulse Soundbar






Aside from its terrific sound quality, Bluesound’s Pulse Soundbar – $999, $1298 with table stand – is designed to be used with the same automated remote that makes an entire entertainment system “idiot-proof.” Without that feature in a soundbar, you’re often looking at a very non user-friendly experience. This is a big limitation of the Sonos Soundbar, for example. (We sell Sonos wireless music systems because they continue to be the best choice for many of our customers.)






Bluesound Duo – $999. Also in white.




This speaker system may not look like much but it sounds fantastic! This is not the level of sound most people have heard from “cube” speakers and a separate woofer.  It was designed by PSB, so it figures.  This one is in the Bluesound family of products even though it’s wired.  It’s a companion piece to one of their wireless music players.












SONOS was the first company to introduce reliable and easy-to-use whole-home wireless music.


The SONOS Product Family includes wireless music players, speakers, a soundbar, and sub.
  • Their reliability and customer support are unsurpassed.
  • Very good sound quality.
  • Large, maybe largest, number of compatible music apps.
















Top: Heos HomeCinema Souddbar. The companion subwoofer (black) is shown bottom right. Bottom: Heos 7, Heos 5, Heos 3, Heos Amp, Heos Link, Heos 1, Heos HomeCinema Subwoofer.
Top: Heos HomeCinema Sounddbar. The companion subwoofer (black) is shown bottom right. Bottom: Heos 7, Heos 5, Heos 3, Heos Amp, Heos Link, Heos 1, Heos HomeCinema Subwoofer.

HEOS, by Denon

Wireless and Scalable Multi-Room Audio Solutions.  HEOS offer high-resolution wireless streaming, including 24/192 in PCM, Flac, and ALAC.









BOSE offers wireless speakers that are scaleable from one room to the whole house.

Left to right: SoundTouch 10, 20, 30



Bose SoundTouch OPTIONS:












Also, check out Yamaha’s entire lineup which includes Bluetooth and their own “MusicCast” scalable wireless music system.


Wireless Speakers Are Usually Not Wireless – We thought you should know.

Standalone wireless speakers, like the KEF Muo shown above, may have batteries.  But, if you’re looking at putting a wireless music system in your house then the intended speakers have power cords.  So, do you know where you can plug the speakers in?   Since your desired speaker locations may have no power outlets nearby, the manufacturers offer wireless music players (also referred to as media streamers).  Yes, these players still get plugged into the wall for power, but they get their music signal wirelessly–no wire needs to come into the room from elsewhere.  Then, speaker wire is run from where these players are to the wired speakers.  This approach is the foundation to many multi-room audio systems of the past 10 years.  Sonos and Bluesound are the two solutions we find usually work best.


Benefits of Today’s Wireless Music Systems (as opposed to standalone wireless or Bluetooth speakers)

  • One simple app brings together all your favorite music services, and lets you control everything – from songs to volume to rooms.

  • Getting sound doesn’t require running wires to that room.  (But, you probably knew that.)



One of these two is usually the right choice.  We sell both solutions with confidence.

User interface and manufacturer tech support must both be very good for us to recommend a solution in this product category (i.e. wireless music systems).  On these, Sonos is tops with Bluesound a close second.  Bluesound is ahead on several fronts, however.

  • You know how these wireless music systems are so cool because you need just one app to control all your music?  Well, with Bluesound you don’t even have to have any of their hardware (i.e. the products pictured above) to do this.  Bluesound is built into NAD AV Receivers and Stereos.  This means you can have your streaming music in a high quality stereo or surround sound system–not limited to soundbar quality for example–without having to adding another piece of equipment just to do the streaming.
  • If you do want just a soundbar, the Bluesound soundbar–and its wireless music players–can be controlled by the same single remote that you would want to control your AV Receiver, Roku, Apple TV, Bluray Player, or any other device you might have in a modern day system.  Neither the Sonos soundbar nor its wireless music players may be controlled this way.  This is everything for those who want to be able to just sit down on the couch, press one button, and watch TV or listen to music regardless of whether the source is their cable box, Roku, Apple TV, CD Player, etc..
  • Bluesound is capable of handling high resolution files that others can’t (e.g. greater than CD resolutions such as 192/24 and MQA)
  • Bluesound speakers, even when playing just MP3 or CD quality–as oppose to high resolution–sound better
  • Bluesound’s Pulse Flex (pictured above), its smallest wireless speaker, has 5 button presets on top.  Touch one and have your favorite radio station play.  No app to open, no remote to grab. It’s the same as pressing the “on” button on your table radio except the radio won’t tune back to your station if it wasn’t left there.


You get the most value from us when, together, we design your system and then you have us deliver and install it.  Most systems, to get it right, require hours of preparation.  A site survey is usually just a small part of this planning time, assembly and testing before delivery account for more, and research and coordinating with other trades make up most of the rest.  When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, you not only get it done right, you get many hours of prep and planning at no charge.



If you think checking out any of the above–or something else–might be useful then give a call to (973) 428- 9800 and let’s see if we can help.  Please remember, all demonstrations are by appointment only.  

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