Retail Price

Bridge $   49
Connect                $ 349
Connect Amp       $ 499
Play 5                  (Black or White) $ 499
Play 3                  (Black or White) $ 299
Play 1                  (Black or White) $199
PlayBar $ 699
PlayBar Mount $   39
Sub                      (Gloss Black) $ 699
Boost $   99



Your best value is when you let us help you design your system and then have us deliver and install it.  Most systems, to get it right, require hours of preparation.  A site survey is usually just a small part of this planning time.  When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, you not only get it done right, you get all the hours of prep and planning at no charge.


If you think checking out any of the above–or something else–might be useful then give a call to (973) 428- 9800 and let’s see if we can help.  Please remember, all demonstrations at our Parsippany, NJ location are by appointment only.  

Or, you can send an email:  

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Please remember to mention what format any demo material you might be bringing over is in.  We want to be sure we’re ready for you!