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Encore Turntable in Natural Walnut with Zephyr Tonearm

Horizon Turntable in Santos Rosewood with Encounter-Tonearm

Harmony Turntable in Quilted-Maple with Encounter Tonearm

Eclipse Turntable in Piano Black with Zephyr Tonearm

Zephy Mk4 Tonearm

Encounter Mk4 Tonearm

Illustrious SE Tonearm

Stratos Moving Coil Cartridge

Pure Fidelity believes in “hybrid” turntables

After years of listening, John Stratton determined that while high-mass turntables can achieve rock-solid bass, they tend to sound dull. Low-mass turntables can have excellent speed and dynamics, but tend to sound bright. Suspended decks can have good timing, but lack bass. It was to combine the best elements of each design that Stratton developed a “hybrid” approach with intermediate mass based on an ultra-MDF plinth: the foundation of every Pure Fidelity turntable. Fittingly, when each Pure Fidelity turntable reaches completion, John Stratton proudly signs the plinth.

Pure Fidelity doesn't believe in reinventing the wheel

We don’t immediately reach for the latest “breakthroughs” or techno fads. Bronze has been with us since the Bronze Age. 6061 aluminum alloy dates from the 1930s, while Delrin was launched in the 1960s. We don’t aim to reinvent turntable design, just do it better. That’s one reason why our products consistently achieve superior value for money – and why they’re often compared to more expensive alternatives.

Pure Fidelity doesn't believe they have all the answers

We’re not afraid to recognize the virtues of products from other companies, including but not limited to GAIA™ footers from IsoAcoustics and tonearms from Origin Live.

Pure Fidelity in unit-to-unit consistency

Because we want you to enjoy all the performance our products can deliver, we’re laser-focused on high precision, tight tolerances and total repeatability. So we make extensive use of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining with tolerances down to 1/1000 inch, one-third the thickness of a typical human hair. And we individually calibrate each Maestro speed control unit to its paired AC synchronous motor.
Pure Fidelity Harmony turntable in quilted maple with Origin Live Illustrious SE tonearm and Stratos MC cartridge
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Encore Turntable in White with Zephyr Tonearm

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