DH Audio and Home Theater offers the following Onkyo products sold individually or as part of a complete entertainment system custom designed just for you.


With our complete systems, all the design and planning usually comes free of charge, as do many follow-up tweaks and adjustments for a one year period.





PR-SC5530 Pre-Amp Processor $2,499.00
PA-MC5501 9X150 Power Amp $1,899.00
TXNR3030 A/V Receiver $2,399.00
TXNR1030 A/V Receiver $1,799.00
TXRZ900 A/V Reveiver $1,599.00
TXRZ800 A/V Receiver $1,299.00
TXNR747 A/V Receiver $899.00
TXNR646 A/V Receiver $699.00
TXNR545 A/V Receiver $599.00
TXSR444 A/V Receiver $499.00
TXSR343 A/V Receiver $399.00
TX8160 Stereo Receiver $499.00
TX-8020 Stereo Receiver $199.00
M-5010 2nd Zone Stereo Amplifier $349.00
A-9070 Integrated Stereo Amplifier $1,199.00
A-9050 Integrated Stereo Amplifier $499.00
M-5000R Reference Power Amplifier $2,499.00
P-3000R Reference Pre Amp $1,699.00
BD-SP809 Blu-Ray Player $499.00
C7000R Reference CD Player $1,499.00
C7070 CD Player $699.00
C7030 Single Disc CD Player $199.00
DX-C390 6 Disc CD Player $219.00
LS-B50 SoundBar & Wireless Sub $699.00
LS-T10 TV Base SoundBar $499.00
LS3100 2.1 Blue Tooth Speaker $599.00


CS-N755 Network HiFi Mini System $599.00
CS-455 CD Mini System W/iDock $299.00
CS-355 CD Mini HiFi System W/Bluetooth $349.00
CS-255 CD Mini System W/iDock $249.00
SKS-HT870 7.1 Speaker Package $499.00
SKS-HT690 5.1 Speaker Package $449.00
SKS-HT540 7.1 Speaker Package $399.00
SKW-204 10″ Powered Subwoofer $229.00
UWF-1 Wireless USB Network Adaptor $29.99



If you think checking out any of the above–or something else–might be useful then give a call to (973) 428- 9800 and let’s see if we can help.  Please remember, all demonstrations at our Parsippany, NJ location are by appointment only.  

Or, you can send an email: dennis@dhaudioandhometheater.com.  

Or, give us your contact info and a message at the bottom of this page: contact info & message.

Please remember to mention what format any demo material you might be bringing over is in.  We want to be sure we’re ready for you!