We offer turntables from Music Hall (see below for pricing and pictures),  Onkyo, Marantz, NAD, Audio Technica, and Denon.


For cartridges, follow these links to the manufacturers’ price list and there you will find their cartridges: Music Hall, Denon.

For phono preamps, or phono amps as Music Hall calls them, follow these links to price lists and you’ll find that brands offering(s): Music Hall, NAD.

For record cleaning machines see Music Hall or ask us about the Okki Nokki record cleaning machine.






USB-1 usb/dj turntable with audio technica cartridge ($50 value) 249.00


















mmf 2.3 rosenut
mmf 2.3se rosenut

MMF-2.3 turntable w/music hall spirit cartridge ($100 value)  499.00

MMF-2.3LE turntable in high gloss ferrari red w/music hall cartridge ($100 value) 549.00

MMF-2.3SE turntable in rosenut finish w/ music hall spirit cartridge 750.00






















mmf 5.3 piano black
mmf 5.3 piano black

MMF-5.3 turntable complete w/ortofon 2M blue cartridge ($236 value) 875.00

MMF-5.3LE turntable in high gloss ferrari red w/ortofon 2M blue cartridge ($236 value) 1049.00

MMF-5.3WH turntable in high gloss white w/ortofon 2m blue cartridge ($236 value) 1049.00

MMF-5.3SE special edition, rosenut finish, w/ortofon 2M bronze cartridge ($440 value) 1395.00






















IKURA contemporary split-plinth design, high gloss white or black, 1195.00

w/ortofon 2m blue cart. ($236 value)




















mmf 7.3 black
mmf 7.3 black

MMF-7.3 turntable complete w/ortofon 2M bronze cartridge ($440 value) 1595.00

MMF-7.3 without cartridge 1395.00

















mmf 9.3 with Goldring Cartridge
mmf 9.3 with Goldring Cartridge

MMF-9.3 with project 9CC tonearm, electronic speed control 2395.00

and goldring eroica lx low-output moving coil cartridge ($795 value)

MMF-9.3 turntable without cartridge 2195.00























mmf 11.1
mmf 11.1

MMF-11.1 turntable with project ‘9cc evolution’ tonearm, four-plinth design w/o cartridge 4495.00

















MMF-1, MMF-2.1/2.2 , MMF-5/5.1 spare belt 25.00

MMF-7/7.1, MMF-9/9.1 spare belt 35.00

MMF-11 spare belt (specify platter or motor) 35.00

Anti-skate weight 15.00

Replacement Dustcovers for mmf-1, 2.1/2.2, 5/5.1, 7/7.1 and 9/9.1 turntables 60.00

Replacement Tonearm Wires for mmf-2.1/2.2, 5/5.1, 7/7.1, and 9/9.1 arms 50.00

mmf2.2 arm 200.00

mmf-5.1 arm 250.00

mmf7.1 arm 450.00

mmf9.1 arm 495.00

mmf-11 arm 1 TBA

mmf2/2.1 5/5.1 motor (specify if 16v or 120v) 50.00

mmf 7/7.1, 9/9.1 motor (please specify which one) 165.00

DC motor (2.3’s, 5.3’s, and ikura) 50.00

16 V AC Adapter for turntables 40.00

Cartridge mounting free with purchase of turntable & cartridge.





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