Music Hall Electronics

We’ve always liked Music Hall for their no-nonsense old-school sound-quality first approach.  If you want your music served by simple, easy-to-use, and well-engineered components that don’t cost a fortune then Music Hall might be just your solution. Click on the model numbers below to link to more information about a particular product.





A15.3 50watt/ch integrated amp w/remote control & mm phono stage, black 549.00

C-DAC15.3 3-input dac cd player w/remote, black 549.00

DAC15.2 24bit/192k usb dac w/3 digital inputs and 1 coax digital output, black, wall wart p/s 299.00

DAC25.3 24bit/192k dac w/4 digital inputs + balanced output, tube output, black 595.00

CRUISE CONTROL 2.0 for all music hall (excluding mmf-9.1 and 11.1) and select project turntables 299.00

PH25.2 hybrid headphone amp with tube pre-amp, black 399.00

PA1.2 mm/mc phono amp 175.00

MINI mm phono amp (NEW) 90.00

All Music Hall products carry a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects



DEBE dynamic headphones, mic and music share feature, cyan 199.00

WCS-2 vacuum record cleaning machine  750.00

WCS-2 BRUSH stiff cleaning brush  15.00

WCS-2 CLAMP screw-on record clamp  50.00

WCS-2 WAND AND SPRING vacuum cleaning arm with felt pads  30.00

78 PULLEY 78rpm pulley for mmf-2.2, 5.1, and 5.1se  50.00

MAT special decoupling cork turntable mat  50.00

AZTEC BLUE MAT unique enhanced decoupling cork turntable mat  90.00

ACRI-PLAT acrylic platter for use on mmf-2.2 and mmf-5.1 models  125.00

MOJO CARTRIDGE mm w/fg70 stylus, 3mv output  500.00


MAGIC 3 CARTRIDGE mm w/nude elliptical stylus, 3mv output  350.00


MAGIC 2 CARTRIDGE mm w/nude elliptical stylus, 4mv output  150.00

MAGIC 2 STYLUS 1 90.00 50.00 45.00

SPIRIT CARTRIDGE mm w/elliptical stylus, 3.5mv output (NEW)  100.00



AUDIO TECHNICA 3600L CARTRIDGE mm w/conical stylus (for usb-1 table) 25.00


Your best value is when you let us help you design your whole entertainment system and then have us deliver and install it. Most systems, to get them right, require hours of preparation.  A site survey is usually just a small part of this planning time. When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, you not only get it done right, you get all the hours of prep and planning at no charge.



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