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Imagine being able to plop down on your couch, touch just one button, and it all works?

There's a Solution

Spouses at work are getting calls from spouses at home who can’t get the TV going. Want TV to be as easy as it ever was? Well, there are two things you can do.

One: get rid of the DVD/CD player, video game, AppleTV, separate sound system, and cable box. You can now pick up one remote–that would be the one that came with the TV–and you’re good to go, as long as you’re connected to the internet. We can plan this for you. We can address your network and Wifi, too.

Two: have us program an automated remote control. An automated remote offers one button-press for whatever it is you want to do: watch TV, listen to music, stream a movie, play a game. The catch is that gear and its installation has to be planned with automation in mind. And, of course, this costs more. But, you not only get ease-of-use, you can hide your gear out of sight! This is because automated controllers don’t have to have line-of-sight to the gear they control. Closets and solid door cabinets are now places you might be able to hide your equipment. 

What about the lights, the window treatments, the front door lock, the thermostats, etc.? DH Audio and Home Theater finds it best to leave your audio and TV on its own dedicated controller with no other tasks assigned to that controller. It’s more reliable and less expensive both upfront and long term. Those other systems run on your wired or Wifi network. As reliable as networks can be, they are problematic too often for most people’s tastes if every time they go down they can’t watch TV!

Your best value is when you let us help you design your whole entertainment system and then have us deliver and install it. Most systems, to get them right, require hours of prep and planning. When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, and you purchase the gear and installation from us, you typically get the prep and planning at no charge.