KEF Blade & LS50 in Color

Below are pictures of the Blade, Blade 2, LS50s, and assorted other KEF Speakers.  There are more colors available than what’s shown here.  Contact us for more info and for an audition.  (973) 428 9800.  Click here for the complete product lineup with pricing.







Some of the available colors.





KEF Blade – call (973) 428-9800 or contact us for purchase/audition.


Have you been eyeing a pair of KEF Blades but worried they’re too big for your room? Check out the smaller version, the Blade II:

KEF LS50 (above)


KEF R100 (above)



KEF R100 (above)



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If you think checking out any of the above–or something else–might be useful then give a call to (973) 428- 9800 and let’s see if we can help.  Please remember, all demonstrations at our Parsippany, NJ location are by appointment only.  

Or, you can send an email:  

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