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Install It Neat

Keep It Hidden

For about 90% of the custom installations we’ve seen, hiding the gear and wires is the name of the game. Most people would like the cable box, disc player, and A/V receiver out of sight. For remodels and new construction, this is a lot easier. But, even for existing rooms, there’s often a way. Just get with us early, before your decorating and building plans are finalized! This saves you from wasting money by having to destroy work you just did.

Hiding Components

DVD players, CD players, radio tuners, amplifiers, A/V receivers, cable boxes, etc.

A common solution, and very effective, is to hide the components in a cabinet with doors. We offer some beautiful cabinet and stand options designed with a/v in mind. We also partner with custom cabinetmakers.

Some users will avoid this because they’re worried that their remotes will no longer work. But, remote control is maintained with remote repeater systems, starting at around $300.

Hiding Speakers

Between the listener and the loudspeakers there should be nothing. Within the confines of that one rule, you have a huge number of placement options. For those who want absolutely no visibility, speakers that are designed to live behind paint or wallpaper are the solution. More often, homeowners are happy enough with flush mounted speakers in their walls or ceilings. These come with white grills, square or round, that may be painted or stained.

In-Ceiling Speakers


Madison Fielding planter & speaker

Recessed Speakers

And still other speakers are recessed into furniture, shelves, or walls, and covered with acoustically transparent fabric.


Subwoofers are made that go in floors, walls, and ceilings. However, the best performing subwoofers sit out on the floor. This can make some people unhappy. A good carpenter can come to the rescue.

TVs, Projectors & Screens

Cabinets with doors or with built-in lifts have long been popular for concealing TVs.

TV lift in a cabinet.
And, if you’ve got the room above your ceiling, you can put your TV or your projector on a lift.
One-Way Mirror Hides TV
Hide your TV with a specially treated mirror. Once turned on, the TV shines through.
Projector screens might be hidden behind walls or above the ceiling.  Often, screen casings will be mounted to the wall or ceiling but be concealed behind some decorative fabric suspended from the ceiling.

Remote Controls

The better programmable remotes allow your gear to be hidden out of sight. Of course, there’s also the ease of operation that comes with such controllers. One-touch to an activity, like watching Netflix, TV, or a disc, is nice.

  • As you can imagine, a lot of planning is required to implement the above solutions effectively. Contact us for help.