Do you have to reboot your router for good performance? Do you suffer Wifi drop-outs? Do you have trouble streaming movies or music? DH Audio and Home Theater offers enterprise grade network equipment, including routers, Wifi boosters (Wireless Access Points, or WAPs), and switches, that are designed for the specific demands of modern high-resolution audio and video. Tell your internet service provider that they can keep their router, and then try one designed to remain on for years rather than one that requires rebooting every few weeks. And broadcast your Wifi not from your router, but from a device designed solely to deliver Wifi and built to last. Get this wireless access point installed in the right location—usually not where the router is—and get it and the router configured correctly. Without the right product in the right location and configured correctly, you’re bound to be let down by your wireless performance.

Get better phone-support by appointment and without being placed on hold. Enjoy normal conversational English during your call. Avoid the automated menu system which might deliver you to a call-center drone following a script if it doesn’t send you to the wrong department or disconnect you. Avoid the internet service provider who offers help for only their equipment. If you have us provide your network equipment then you have us to troubleshoot and fix any problems. Both on-site service and remote service–you can have us take control of your computer remotely–are free the first 30 days after your installation.

DH Audio and Home Theater – What’s not listed in your parts & labor Agreement is at least as valuable as what is.