Audio Video Installation & The Planning That Must Precede It



Basement converted to Home Entertainment Center
Gaming and Media Room With Stereo Speakers and Sub. No surround sound. The horror! (Just kidding. Customers are thrilled.)  Most everyone starts out thinking they’re going to get surround sound.  After we explain the pros and cons one-half still go with surround sound and the other half go with stereo.

1.If you want your audio and TV and computer networking (e.g. wifi) to be easy to use and to do what you want them to then make sure there’s a hook-up and operation scheme, before you even wire, that assures these goals.

Hint: using the apps in your Smart TV is almost always not the way to go when a separate sound system is present (i.e. when you’re not using just the TV’s speakers).

2.So as not to waste money or time, and to avoid being stymied in your goals for your system, don’t pre-wire for it unless you’ve taken care of 1.

3.Don’t use a non-av expert to figure out 1 or 2.  Electricians, to cite just one example, are not trained in audio and home theater.  Electrical and Home A/V are separate fields and overlap about as much as electrical and computer networking.

4.If new construction or remodeling are in your future, the audio, TV, and networking systems should be figured out–see number 1–before any drawings (or plans in your head or on your napkin) are finalized if you want to guard against cost overruns or locking yourself out of what it is you’d hoped to achieve.

5. You don’t even know what you don’t know.  Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s wasted time and money that causes you to settle for less or spend more than you needed to.

Don’t throw money away, don’t waste time.  Give us a call, instead.

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