Audio and Home Theater Single Component Sales, Small Installations, Whole Home Systems

Getting the right equipment, be it speakers, TV, A/V receiver, Wifi “booster,” automated controller, streaming music player, or audio cabinet, is complicated. Choosing the right equipment is crucial for ease of use and for overall satisfaction.

You can lean on us to help you choose just an individual component or, if you prefer, for everything: planning, delivery, installation, support.

Call and speak with someone who for 20 years has been designing complete home entertainment systems that are easy-to-use, with matched components, that best suit your particular needs.

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You get the most value from us when, together, we design your system and then you have us deliver and install it.  Most systems, to get it right, require hours of preparation.  A site survey is usually just a small part of this planning time, assembly and testing before delivery account for more, and research and coordinating with other trades make up most of the rest. When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, you not only get it done right, you get prep and planning at no charge.  Also typical are free tweaks and adjustments during the first year.

Are you technologically challenged?  You may just be bowled over with ease-of-use you may not have thought possible.  You can have a button to push that says “Watch TV” and another one that says “Watch DVD” and that’s all you need to know to use your system.  No aiming required.  Or, we can provide you with customized cheat sheets with illustrations, for use until you get the hang of things.

By the way, we love 2 channel stereo, and it winds up being the right solution for about half the people. (And it can be great with TV.)  Most everyone just assumes that a new sound system necessarily means home theater surround sound. Not at all. We got into this business for a love of high-end stereo (i.e. 2 speaker) playback and are still very much personally involved with it. We promise you we can design the best sounding stereo, or surround system, within your budget.

If you think checking out any of the above–or something else–might be useful then give a call to (973) 428- 9800 and let’s see if we can help.  

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