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Gear Selection & Install Planning

Gear Selection

Basement converted to Home Entertainment Center
Gaming and Media Room With Stereo Speakers and Sub. No surround sound. The horror! (Just kidding. Customers are thrilled.)  Most everyone starts out thinking they’re going to get surround sound.  After we explain the pros and cons one-half still go with surround sound and the other half go with stereo.

1.If you want your audio and TV to be easy to use and to do what you want it to, and live where you want it to, then you need to know how its designed to hook-up (e.g. what types of cables, types of network connection, types of remote control) and where it’s designed to live (e.g. ventilation, required volume of space, direct/indirect sun, etc.) and know if these answers are compatible with your needs.

2.For gear that often comes with a period of adjustment and tweaking (e.g. anything connected to a 20+ length of HDMI cable, anything relying on Wifi, critical audio applications) you really want efficient tech support. Most manufacturers fail here. DH Audio and Home Theater carries brands with effective tech support for those product categories where it matters. This support trumps other considerations, such as name recognition.

Installation Do’s and Don’ts

3.So as not to waste money or time, don’t pre-wire for gear unless you’ve taken care of 1 & 2.

4.Don’t use a non-av expert to figure out 1 – 3.  Electricians, to cite just one example, are not trained in audio and home theater.  Electrical and Home A/V are separate fields and overlap about as much as electrical and computer networking.

5.If new construction or remodeling are in your future, the audio and TV equipment should be chosen before finalizing construction, electrical, and decorating plans. This protects you from cost overruns and from locking yourself out of options.

So, please be careful. We are.  We love enabling outstanding music and TV experiences. Following the above guidelines helps get you there!


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