Evaluate Your Own Audio Components Using A Reference System ($75/hour)

You may have wondered whether or not your current audio system is revealing enough to use for component comparisons.  Indeed, due to your system’s limitations and colorations, you may conclude that an inferior piece is the better one.  Choosing the better sounding component given your current system is fine in the short term, but if your goal is to eventually upgrade everything wouldn’t it be nice to have a highly revealing system to use for component comparisons?  Bring your components to our demo room and evaluate them on our reference level audio system.  We’ll make the connections and we’ll do the switching while you listen.   As long as you have a CD or audio file with familiar content, you’ll likely need no more than an hour to decide which amp–or preamp or CD player or DAC, or cable, etc.–is better.  Often, it’s clear after the first comparison.  Call 973 428-9800 for details.


Reference System:

Computer-Based Music Playback:  JPlay Mini running on Windows 10 PCs in a dual PC configuration ($3000)–Resonessence Concero HD USB Digital to Analog Converter ($850) –  GamuT D3i preamp ($8290) – GamuT D200i Amplifier ($13,990)  – SurgeX Power Line Conditioner ($750) – KEF Blade Loudspeakers ($32,000).  Tara Labs Air 2 Speaker Cable (discontinued), Silver Audio Jet Stream Balanced Interconnect between preamp and amp, Straight Wire USB Cable between Audio PC and DAC ($50), all power cords are stock, AC circuit is 20 amps and dedicated to only the audio/video system.

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