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Get 10% off on Bryston at DH Audio and Home Theater, through the end of April! Free shipping. 20-year warranty on analog product. 5-year warranty on Digital. Phono Preamps-CD Players-Digital Music Players-Speakers-Wireless Speakers-Subwoofers-Surround Processors-Preamps-Amps-Integrated Amps-DACs-Isolation Transformers-Cables-Headphone Amps-Crossovers.

Bryston BDA-3.14 DAC – available for demo:

Both the Stereophile and The Absolute Sound reviewers concluded their reviews by purchasing a BDA-3 for their own use.

Call for a demo at our place or yours. (973) 428 9800.

Bryston Mini A Loudspeakers – available for demo:


DH Audio and Home Theater carries components and cables from: BRYSTON, ROGERS HIGH FIDELITY, ROON, HD Plex, NAD, MUSIC HALL, CREEK, Audio Control, YAMAHA, ONKYO, MARANTZ, DENON, DSPeaker, Pioneer Elite, SONY ES, Tara Labs…

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Bryston is a pillar of high-end audio. They’re among the best built and best sounding equipment out there. Their used products, from as far back as the 1970s, are bought and sold regularly and are serviceable by Bryston or third-party technicians. Call for an appointment to hear the Bryston Mini A Speaker and the BDA-3.14 DAC. The BDA-3 is a Stereophile “Editors’ Choice.”

NAD C558 Turntable. Included dustcover not shown.


Aside from offering outstanding sound for the dollar, NAD offers hardware upgrades. For just one example, their AVR of 2011 can be brought to full Dolby Atmos spec in 2020. Returning the component to the factory is not required. Removable cards–as on a tower computer–allow updates in your home or at your dealer.

NAD makes receivers, preamps, amps, integrated amps, CD players, internet music players, a turntable, headphones, and wireless music systems.

They also have a more expensive and better performing Master Series.  Most would not call this line “entry-level” high-end though it’s still priced tens-of-thousands of dollars below the industry’s highest priced offerings.  As with NAD’s lower-priced gear, the Master Series offers tremendous sound for the dollar.

Rogers High Fidelity

Our Reference!

Integrated Stereo Amplifiers, Class A, Tube.  Built to military grade specs.  Lifetime Warranty. Call to schedule an audition in Parsippany, NJ or in your own home.

EHF-100 MKII Integrated Amplifier, 65 Class A watts per channel

Music Hall

These guys offer wonderfully old-school, simple to use, great  sounding stereo gear.   Look to them for integrated amplifiers, CD players, DACs, lots of turntables, phono preamps, cartridges, tonearms, headphones, a record cleaning machine, and turntable accessories.


These products offer a terrific combination of sound for the dollar and classy aesthetics as well as some degree of hardware-upgradeability.   You might not be as quick to hide these pieces in a cabinet as you might their competition. The sound and the looks are equally capable of raising an eyebrow.  Creek makes integrated amps, DACs, CD players, phono preamps, headphone amps, and a CD Player/DAC/Bluetooth player.   If you don’t care about CDs, you can order your Creek Integrated amp with optional Bluetooth and then all you need is a pair of speakers for a complete stereo system with superb sound in a compact design.

Yamaha, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, Pioneer Elite, Sony ES

The mass market stereo brands that we sell include Yamaha, Onkyo, Marantz, Denon, and Sony ES–there’s some good stuff among this bunch, to be sure.  These companies offer options priced below the lowest priced offerings above and they also tend to include more features.  While many of these features may be of no interest, sometimes one of them makes that piece an ideal choice.  Some of these manufacturers also offer high-end lines and we can get those for you too if that’s what suits you best. We can help you figure out your best option.

Turntables from Onkyo, Music Hall, Marantz, NAD, Audio Technica, and Denon.


Prep and planning, and tweaks and adjustments during the first year, are all typically free.

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