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We love installing equipment in BDI media furniture!  Those guys think of all the little details to save on installation time.  Wires have a place to get from point A to point B without being squashed or forced to stick out the back, there is proper air flow to keep gear cool, and there is adequate internal cabinet volume.  Build quality is high and the looks are terrific.  (For more styles Salamander is another brand we like equally well.  Unlike BDI, Salamander also makes home theater seating.)


BDI Media Furniture Pictures


We sell more than BDI’s media furniture.  Also check out:

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Your best value is when you let us help you design your whole entertainment system and then have us deliver and install it. Most systems, to get them right, require hours of preparation.  A site survey is usually just a small part of this planning time. When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, you not only get it done right, you get all the hours of prep and planning at no charge.


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