Northern NJ & NYC Bespoke Home Theater, Stereo Systems, Whole House Audio, Outdoor Speakers, Media Rooms, Custom Installation, A/V Furniture, 4k TVs

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Theater & Listening Room Planning & Equipment your parameters, mid-level to high-end.
Audio - TV & Home Theater - Cabinetry - Seating
Planning, Installation, & Equipment to your parameters, mid-level to high-end.
Pure Fidelity (turntable/tonearm/cartridge) - Bob's Devices (MC step-up) - Small Green Computer (audio server) - Roon (music software) - Sony (SACD/CD/4k Disc) - Bryston (Isolation Transformer, Preamp) - ATC (loudspeakers) - Paradigm (subs) - BDI (cabinet) - Isoacoustics (vibration control) - Sound Anchor (speaker stands) - Octane Seating - Tara Labs (analog cable) - JVC (4k laser projector) - Stewart Filmscreen -
The above brands make up our reference music system (1/17/24). We offer many other brands, as well. Demo by appointment only.
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I’m the owner, Dennis Hartwick. I’ve been chasing sonic perfection since the 5th grade, when I pieced together my first stereo. Today, I’m 24 years in the audio and home theater business. A typical customer starts by sharing their concerns (ease-of-use, budget, looks, performance) directly with me.