Looking for music or TV or Wifi equipment?  How about no mistakes with where your money goes? Instead, get the right mix of performance, ease-of-use, and aesthetics for your own needs and budget. A career stereo and home theater specialist who plans with you, remains hands-on through the installation, and is there after the sale gets you where you want to be.

I’m the owner and project manager, Dennis Hartwick.  I’ve been chasing sonic perfection since the 5th grade, when I pieced together my first stereo. Today, I’m 20+ years in the audio and home theater business. A typical customer starts by sharing their concerns (ease-of-use, budget, looks, performance) directly with me. My company offers planning, equipment, pre-wire, installation, and support. I manage–and often personally perform–all these steps.  


Product and Services

We offer single room stereos and multi-room music systems, computer network & Wifi systems, wireless music systems, media rooms or dedicated home theater rooms, automation systems, LED and LCD TVs, projectors, and theater seats.  Manufacturer-authorized for all we sell, we buy from the same wholesale sources as the brick-and-mortar shops do and we price our equipment the same. For getting the best equipment for your space, for your preferences, and for your budget, you won’t find better. (Doing business with us, it helps if you don’t mind a very detailed planning stage.)

As needed, we work with your builder, architect, interior designer and your decorator.

Do you already have a good start and want only to update, add to, or make an existing system easy enough so everyone can use it?  That’s fine, too.  


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DH Audio any Home Theater is A-Rated by Angie’s List members.

How expensive are we talking? How complicated are we talking?

Our offerings are as modest or as high in fidelity as you like. A beautiful installation, and an idiot-proof remote offering just one button-press to music, or Netflix, or 4k disc, are standard fare.



Thirty days of tweaks and adjustments for free is typical, but regardless of the time that’s passed know that most calls for help can be satisfied over the phone, no charge.

You have questions.  We have answers.

Talk to an expert: 973-428-9800; ⇒dennis@dhaudioandhometheater.com; or complete the form.




DH Audio and Home Theater offers 2 Channel Home StereoSurround SoundWhole Home Audio – Home Theater Projectors & Screens – Networking – Security Cameras – A/V System Automation – Lighting Control – Shade Control – HiddenTVs/Components/Speakers – TV Lifts – Computer AudioDigital Room Correction (DRC) – Acoustic Treatments – A/V Furniture – Theater Seating.

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