Below you’ll see photos of some of our installations.  For media furniture, office furniture, and some other module furniture options click here.  For acoustic treatments, click here.

Scotch Plains, NJ Media Room:


Dedicated Theater with All Hidden Speakers & Electronics
State-of-The-Art Flat Panel Picture, Automation of A/V Equipment & Lighting, PSB 5.2 Speaker System – All Hidden.


With only a few feet between the front row and the screen, this homeowner chose a 70″ flat panel display with state-of-the-art local LED dimming.  DH Audio and Home Theater custom programmed a hand-held remote so that the customer has only one button press to watch TV, a movie on Blu-Ray, or to dim the lights.  And, with the all-important cup-holder in every seat, only nature calls viewers away.  Russel Minion,, designed the room and Michael Robert Construction built it.  For before and after photos visit.


theater step lighting
Lit steps for when the lights go down. Lighting is automated with a URC Controller.


Scotch Plains, NJ Man Cave
Basement Man Cave Seats 10





For this Brooklyn Family Room, the TV and speakers are fed by equipment hidden away in the rear wall.

Decor friendly, high performance 5.1 Surround Sound
Sonos, DirecTV, Sony Blu-ray, NAD AV Receiver, KEF CI200QL In-Wall Speakers, URC Automation, Samsung 4k TV, 5.1 Surround Sound. Gear is located in the rear wall in an equipment rack.


Custom Sized Closet for A/V Equipment Rack
What Equipment Rack?


A/V Equipment Rack Behind Hidden Doors
A/V Equipment Rack Behind Hidden Doors



Both old and new a/v equipment was used in this Watchung, NJ Family Room (below).  Components are hidden in the cabinets.  New is the NAD Master Series surround sound preamp and amp, Bluesound Vault music streamer and NAS, AppleTV for family photos, KEF THX Ultra Certified In-wall Surround Speakers, two PSB subwoofers, and URC automation so that it’s all very easy to operate.  At the recommendation of DH Audio and Home Theater, the customer kept his Focal front speakers, Lexicon SACD player, and Arcam amplifier for the surround speakers, as these are all outstanding.  For video the homeowner went with a new 65″ Sony XBR.  It’s mounted with a dual-arm articulating mount for easy access behind the TV without needing a service call.

Custom Cabinetry Hides A/V Gear
4.2 Surround Sound System, URC Automation, NAD Master Series Pre/Amp, Bluesound Wireless Music System, KEF THX Ultra Surround Speakers, Sony XBR TV


Still in Watchung (below), this guest bedroom had a TV on the wall and Cable box beneath it, with all the wires run outside the wall.  DH Audio and Home Theater came in to give things a neater look.  Power and cables were brought up through the wall to come out behind the TV and a small wood shelf was installed below, along with the appropriate power and wall ports beneath the shelf to keep everything clean.

Shelf for Cable Box
Wires run behind wall and concealed underneath open shelf provide for a clean look in this guest bedroom.

Details such as strapping the cable box power supply and all the wires to the underside of the shelf, using a right-angle coax cable adaptor (pictured), and drilling a hole through the shelf and finishing it with a grommet (pictured) all added-up to the shelf area staying neat.

Right Angle Coaxial Adaptor to the rescue
Attention to Detail – Right Angle F-Pin Adaptor, Work-Desk Grommet



URC Automated Family Room A/V System
Maximizing Sound for The Dollar with an NAD AV Receiver and KEF Q700 Speakers


This northern NJ customer (right) went for the best possible sound for the money.  This the NAD receiver and KEF speakers deliver handily.  Two more of the same KEF speakers are in the rear–the proper way to do it–and two KEF subs–one front and one rear–help ensure the bass is even throughout the room.  This speaker system will run circles around in-wall or on-wall systems costing more than twice the price.

Do you notice there is no center speaker?  Any center that would work in this space would deal a serious blow to sound quality. Better to let the front left and right speakers handle the center channel information.



















Basement converted to Home Entertainment Center
Gaming and Media Room With Stereo Speakers and Sub. No surround sound. The horror! (Just kidding. Customers are thrilled.)


This basement space in Cedar Knolls was collecting junk. It was too small for a billiards or air hockey table, but just right for a cozy media room.   For relatively little money the sound is great thanks to bookshelf speakers and a floor-standing subwoofer.  The sub and all the components are hidden in the cabinet.  This is a typical full-featured media center, with cable TV, streaming video, streaming music, video games, 4k picture quality, and automation so it’s all easy to use.

After suffering Wifi problems, DH Audio and Home Theater returned with an enterprise-grade wireless access point to serve all the internet hungry devices (Roku, AppleTV, Blu-ray Player, Smart TV, and Game).




















Media Room & Entertainment Center
Runco 1080P Projector 119″ DaLite Screen, 7.2 PSB Surround Speaker System, URC Automated Remote to keep it simple.


One side of this Edison, NJ rec room features a 120″ Projection-based theater with 7.1 surround sound and karaoke.
























Runco 1080P Projector & 119" DaLite Screen
Watch Sports on The 119″ Screen While Sitting At The Bar.


The other side is complete, with a bar & TV, low loungers, a dance floor, and a gym (behind the glass door).

One-Way Mirror Hides TV





























For this bar in Denville, NJ the TV is hidden behind a framed one-way mirror. Once turned on, the TV shines through.






Wire molding gets the signal and power cables to the TV. Neat and cost effective.















The challenge of mounting to brick, overcome





















Sometimes digital just doesn’t cut it.  For those times, a balance turntable and a properly aligned cartridge usually does the trick.

Turntable Sales and Setup
When CD isn’t good enough. Carefully balanced turntable, aligned cartridge, and vibration dampening platform.



Simple and very effective.  Tower speakers for the best audio-value and an equipment cabinet to hide the gear.

PSB Tower Speakers are part of a 4.2 Surround Sound System
TV over equipment cabinet and tower speakers on either side. This arrangement represents great value for audio fidelity while maintaining a neat look. PSB Tower Speakers.




Board Room presentation screen, teleconferencing gear, and hidden sound system:

Corporate Boardroom Recessed Ceiling Speakers,
Board Room presentation screen, teleconferencing gear, and hidden sound system.


Corporate lounge with on-wall flat panel display for company announcements, news, and quality downtime:

Corporate Rest Area
Corporate lounge with on-wall flat panel display for company announcements, news, and quality downtime.



DH Audio and Home Theater Reference System.  Enter here and you may never want to leave.  KEF Blades powered by Rogers High Fidelity EHF-200MKII!







The 1080P JVC Projector isn’t so bad either. (Showing a 4k model instead, as of October, 2017.)

Home Theater Projector Installation
Projector recessed in wall


Most people don’t know that good projection will look more realistic than their flat panel TV!  This photo (below), of the projected image on a 106″diagonal screen, is at 1/2 the resolution the projector is capable of (i.e. 1080i rather than 1080P). This was photographed with a hand-held phone so there may be some loss of resolution here, as well.  Note the texture in the brick and in the ground.  This is where most flat panel TVs fail and that failure is not a function of their lines of resolution or pixel count. (Since this photo was taken the projector has been upgraded to 4k. Come have a look. Call 973 428 9800.

Projection TV With Lights On
Arguably the Best TV Image is via Home Theater Projector. This is a 1080i image. Go look at your 4k flat panel TV and don’t be surprised if it’s not giving you this much detail. (Note, the projector we now display, as of 10/1/17, is 4k.)



Your best value is when you let us help you design your whole entertainment system and then have us deliver and install it. Most systems, to get them right, require hours of preparation.  A site survey is usually just a small part of this planning time. When you hire us to handle everything start to finish, you not only get it done right, you get all the hours of prep and planning at no charge.



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