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When the music is playing it’s hard to leave this room!


Computer-Based Music Playback: Roon &/or BubbleDS Next/JPlay/Fidelizer running on Windows 10 PCs in a dual PC configuration ($3000) into an iFi Micro iUSB3.0 regenerator ($399) into the Resonessence Concero HD USB Digital to Analog Converter ($850) to the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-200 MK2 Integrated Amplifier ($15,900) to KEF Blade Loudspeakers ($32,000). Tara Labs Air 2 Speaker Cable (discontinued), Tara Labs Air 2 Interconnect between DAC & amp, DH Labs Mirage USB Cable between Audio PC & regenerator & between it & the DAC ($320/2m), all power cords are stock, AC circuit is 20 amps and dedicated to only the audio/video system. An HD Plex 100W Power Supply ($395) serves the PCs and HDD. Other music sources: NAD M12 w/Bluesound & MQA, Sony UBP-X1000ES Universal Disc player & 4k Media Streamer. – SurgeX Power Line Conditioner ($750).










Or, hear just how detailed, clean, and three-dimensional a $1,200 sound system can sound when it’s a best-in-class amp (NAD) matched to best-in-class speakers–PSB Alpha B1 or KEF LS50.



If you think checking out any of the above–or something else–might be useful then give a call to (973) 428- 9800 and let’s see if we can help.  Please remember, all demonstrations at our Parsippany, NJ location are by appointment only.  

Or, you can send an email: dennis@dhaudioandhometheater.com.  

Or, give us your contact info and a message at the bottom of this page: contact info & message.

Please remember to mention what format any demo material you might be bringing over is in.  We want to be sure we’re ready for you!

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