Ever heard state-of-the-art audio?

Now demonstrating, by appointment:   Computer-Based Music Playback: Roon/JPlay/Fidelizer/Audiophile Optimizer running on Windows 10 PCs in a dual PC configuration ($3500, installed) into an iFi Micro iUSB3.0 reclocking device ($399) into the Resonessence Concero HD USB Digital to Analog Converter ($850) … Continued

NAD, KEF, Bluesound, GamuT, And More Available for Demo

  (Gamut D3i pre-amplifier demo sale – $6300.  Still under warranty.  Excellent condition.   New units for $8290 also available.  Call 973 428 9800.)   DH Audio and Home Theater recommends and sells audio and video products that best suit both … Continued