AUDIO & HOME THEATER GEAR (scroll down for furniture & home theater seating. ⇒Contact us.)





Audio Control: Amplifiers, Home Theater Processors and Receivers, Audio and Video Baluns.








Atlantic Technology: Speakers and Audio Components



Bluesound: High Resolution multiroom wireless music system.









Bose: Custom Audio, Home Theater, Stereo, Wireless Audio





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Boston Acoustics: Exceeding the expectations of serious music listeners for over 30 years.











MUSIC for a generation: Amps, Preamps, Speakers, DACs, Audio Streamers, Surround Processors, Cross-Overs, Power Supplies


Chief: Flat panel wall mounts and plasma TV installation leader.


Creek: Entry-level High-End Audio Components


Da-Lite: Any type of screen for any application.


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Denon: Stereo, Home Theater, Head-Phones

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High Peformance Audio Cables




DSPeaker: Digital Room Correction







Furman: The new leader in serious surge protection and ac filtration.






High resolution wireless wifi music system.







Hidden Television: Mirror TVs













iFi: Computer Audio Hardware and Accessories




iPort: Products to Connect and Control iPods to any Stereo or Entertainment System.



JVC Professional: Theater front projectors. ⇒Contact us for an audition.


KEF: Maker of the Blade and LS50 Loudspeakers ⇒contact us for an audition.  State of the Art Loudspeakers, Subwoofers, Soundbars,

Wireless, Bluetooth, and Desktop Loudspeakers




Speakers, Soundbars, Subwoofers
Speakers, Soundbars, Subwoofers


















LG flat panel televisions


Madison Fielding: Planter and other outdoor speakers.



Marantz: Audio/Video Components, Remote Controls, DVD Players and more


music hall: turntables and electronics






NAD: High performance home theater and hi-fi⇒Contact us for an audition.







Niles: Speakers, amplifiers, switching systems, IR extender systems, keypads, and multi-zone products


Onkyo: One of the best-known names of A/V and stereo receivers, DVD and CD players, with the most current and greatest connectivity.










Pakedge: High performance networking platforms for residential and commercial A/V.










Panamax: The Pre-eminent Designer and Manufacturer of Electrical Protection, Filtration and Control Products.



Pefect Path: Quality Interconnects at the right prices.





Pioneer Speakers





Premiere: The best quality home theater seating.


PSB Speakers: Real sound for real people.
























Class A Tube Integrated Amps, Phono Stage, Power Cord, hand-crafted in the U.S.A.  Lifetime Guarantee. ⇒Contact us for an audition.





Streaming TV.  TV Apps.





Runco: The words finest home theater products.




Samsung: Plasma and LCD’s.



Screen Innovations: Fixed, Motorized and Manual Projector Screens






Sonos: The wireless HiFi system. ⇒Contact us.












Soundsmith: Phono cartridges and phono preamps



Stealth Acoustics: “Invisible” Speaker Systems.



Stewart Filmscreen: Academy Award winning screen technology


SunBriteTV: All-Weather Outdoor LCD Televisions


SurgeX: The leader in Surge Suppression and Power Conditioning Technology


TiVo: Pause, Rewind, and Never miss a TV show on your DVR




Triad: The ultimate high performance in-wall, in-ceiling, on-wall, in-room speakers and subwoofers.








Universal Remote Control (URC): State of the art IR/RF and touch screen remote controls.




Acoustic Treatments



Xantech has led the way in developing products that let you operate your audio/video system by remote control from any room in the house.


Yamaha: Powered by Music





BDI: Home Theater Furniture, Office Furniture (on display, by appointment, ⇒Contact us.), Home Furnishings








Salamander Designs: A/V Furniture and Seating, when style matters. On display, by appointment only. ⇒Contact us.


Sanus Mounts and Furniture combine style and functionality.



If you’re thinking of audio, home theater, or networking products too, know that prep and planning, and tweaks and adjustments during the first year, are all typically free.

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