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Ever heard state-of-the-art audio?

Now demonstrating, by appointment:   Computer-Based Music Playback: Roon/JPlay/Fidelizer/Audiophile Optimizer running on Windows 10 PCs in a dual PC configuration ($3500, installed) into an iFi Micro iUSB3.0 reclocking device ($399) into the Resonessence Concero HD USB Digital to Analog Converter ($850) … Continued

NAD, KEF, Bluesound, GamuT, And More Available for Demo

  DH Audio and Home Theater recommends and sells audio and video products that best suit both your budget and your other needs.  We offer as much investigation and planning as you’ll allow us in order to figure this out. … Continued

GamuT D200i Amplifier, D3i Preamplifier, RS3i Speakers

DH Audio and Home Theater uses Gamut amplification in its reference system. Gamut price list.           Contact us for an appointment to hear some truly high-end sound, courtesy of the Gamut D3i preamp. And, you may … Continued