Winnerlogo-ColorWinner logo Color-2013 (3)Ever heard state-of-the-art audio?  Now demonstrating, by appointment:

Computer-Based Music Playback:  JPlay with JRiver Media Center for Windows 7/8 PC  ($3,000 includes 2 laptops loaded and optimized for JPlay with JRiver Media Center) – Resonessence Concero HD USB Digital to Analog Converter ($850) – GamuT D3i Preamplifier ($8290) – GamuT D200i Amplifier ($13,990) – SurgeX Power Line Conditioning ($750) – KEF Blade Loudspeakers ($32,000). Also, Von Schweikert Audio (VSA) loudspeakers, $6000 to $225,000 per pair.

Or, hear just how detailed, clean, and three-dimensional a $1,200 sound system can sound when it’s a best-in-class amp (NAD) matched to best-in-class speakers (PSB).  (It sounds better than most folks have heard from any stereo.)

DH Audio and Home Theater offers 2 Channel Stereo – Surround Sound – Multiroom Audio – Home Theater Projectors & Screens – Security Cameras – Networking – Automation – Lighting Control – Shade Control – HiddenTVs/Components/Speakers – TV Lifts – Computer Audio – Digital Room Correction (DRC) – Acoustic Treatments – A/V Furniture – Theater Seating.