How about the best sound and picture within your budget? How about beautiful installations?  How about a salesperson who remains hands-on through the installation and then is there after the sale for support?


We design, sell, install, and support audio systems, TV systems, computer network & Wifi systems, home cinema rooms, media rooms, and automation systems.  Our first-time customers turn into repeat customers.  We’re “A” rated on Angies List and, if you’re a member, you may read the reviews at the Angie’s List website.   I’m the owner and project manager, Dennis Hartwick.


I’ve been chasing sonic perfection since I was a kid. Squeezing the most performance out of a given audio system for a given budget has been my central preoccupation since the 5th grade and my first Pioneer SX-440 receiver, Pioneer wood-cabinet speakers and BSR turntable. (Which, by the way, straight As on my report card helped finance.)  Then, in 1997, I was lucky enough to turn my preoccupation into my occupation.

Fast forward to today, and I offer my expertise in an attentive one-on-one setting for a whole range of audio and TV needs.
You get to share your concerns (ease-of-use, budget, looks, performance) directly with the person who is going to select the gear, figure out how best to install it and set it up, and then ensure it works.

Need all new equipment?  We sell everything from the cables running through the walls, to motorized lifts, flat panel TVs, custom colored speakers, a/v furniture, chairs and sofas.  And, because nothing is more demanding of a network than high performance audio and video traffic, we offer enterprise grade routers, switches, and wireless access points.  Do you have a good start but want to update, add to, or simply make the system easy enough so everyone can use it?  That’s fine too.  Or, as many of my clients find, you may need help fixing a project that didn’t go the way the salesman promised.  We’re authorized dealers of what we sell.

Music and TV Done Right

Our offerings can be as high in fidelity as you like. (Kef Muons, anyone?  How about a Sony 4k Projector with a Stewart Screen?). A beautiful installation and an idiot-proof remote requiring no aiming and just one button-press for music (or TV, or Blu-ray) are standard fare.

Thirty days of tweaks and adjustments for free is typical, but regardless of the time that’s passed know that most calls for help can be satisfied over the phone, no charge.  And, a relatively new development is that we can adjust the setup menus of your audio and TV equipment without coming to your home, potentially saving you money on an in-home visit.

You have questions.  We have answers.

Talk to an expert: 917-923-0552; dennis@dhaudioandhometheater.com; or complete the form.

DH Audio and Home Theater offers 2 Channel Home Stereo – Surround Sound – Whole Home Audio – Home Theater Projectors & Screens – Networking – Security Cameras – A/V System Automation – Lighting Control – Shade Control – HiddenTVs/Components/Speakers – TV Lifts – Computer AudioDigital Room Correction (DRC) – Acoustic Treatments – A/V Furniture – Theater Seating.

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